Festive completion of the social project hands over of the renovated Shutters

Heidelberg, September 14, 2018

The youth agency Heidelberg shines in new splendor: Our Rotaract club Heidelberg International handed over the result of its current social project to the advancement device for young people. As part of the “New Shutters for the Heidelberg Youth Agency” project, the members of the Rotaract Club, founded in 2017, have renovated all the shutters in the facility. For several weekends, the “rotaractors” had met in summer to sand down and paint the two-meter-high double shutters. Background of the project is the volunteer cooperation of the club with the youth agency. “Since the beginning of our club, we were able to use the youth agency’s premises for our weekly club meetings,” explains Markus Abo, president of the Rotaract Club. “It was a great relief for us because of the very limited supply of affordable event space in Heidelberg. With this renovation project we wanted to give something back and thank you for this generous gesture. “Gerd Schaufelberger, board member of the Youth Agency Heidelberg, adds:” As a youth agency, we welcome the volunteer work of young people and young adults and we are especially happy when we have an international club like support the Rotaract Club Heidelberg-International in its work. ” Volunteer cooperation – a win-win concept With the solemn completion of the project, both organizations would like to call attention to the potential of volunteer cooperation on time for the volunteer weekend in the Rhine-Neckar region. “Such voluntary cooperations are a win-win-concept for all participants,” says Markus Abo. “They can remove obstacles and create conditions that make volunteering the best way to develop freely.” Organizations that help local clubs, in turn, benefit from the support of volunteers. The collaboration promotes participation and ultimately creates networks that can strengthen the volunteer engagement of an entire region in the long term.