Handing Over Party – Shutters 14.09.18

In our past social project, we repaired the shutters of the youth agency Heidelberg and gave them a new coat of paint. We have created a beautiful and bright light blue out of a dirty brown that has become unmarked over the years. The project has given us a lot of fun and joy, but above all we have the youth agency hereby made a great pleasure what the main thing is. For more than a year we have been able to hold our weekly meetings in the youth agency, which makes it even more enjoyable for us to give them in this way something back.
We would like to celebrate this handing over with a small party with you all ❤️.
Feel free to join us!

What? „Handing Over Party – Shutters“
Where? Jugendagentur, Römerstraße 23,
69115 Heidelberg
When? Friday, 14.09.2018, at 5:00pm.