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Our members

Erika studied MSc. Mechanical Engineering at KAIST, South Korea and Master Degree in International Project Management at EAE Business School, Spain. She is currently working as a VAVE and innovation Program Manager in the automotive industry. In 2020 during the pandemic times, Erika started attending the weekly meetings of the Rotaract Club International Heidelberg and became an official member in 2021. Erika is passionate about art and culture. She also loves travelling, learning languages and practicing martial arts.

Jette is a sixth-year medical student at the University of Heidelberg and a founding member of the Rotaract Club Heidelberg International. As a former Interact member during highschool and founding member of the Rotaract Club Heidelberg International during her studies, she is experienced in the work as a club member for many years. Jette has been social chair of the Rotaract Club International from 2016 until 2018.

Klaus is an electronic engineer, Master student at the University of Heidelberg, member of the Rotaract Club Heidelberg International since February 2020, and incoming Social Chair for the Board 20/21. His first point of contact with the club was when he attended a seminar about the EU organised by Rotary at the European Academy of Otzenhausen. Klaus is from Chile, where his family is also very active in the Rotaract/Rotary community.

Kristian studied law at the University of Heidelberg. He is currently working as a lawyer in the field of corporate law. In 2019 Kristian started to attend the weekly meetings of the Rotaract Club International Heidelberg. Since February 2020 he is an official member of the club. As of July 1, 2020 Kristian will assume the function of vice president of the Rotaract Club International Heidelberg.

Lennart is a second-year student of mathematics and computer science, avid dancer, and passionate nerd. Aside from being responsible for ‘weird IT stuff’ he is also the sitting vice president and incoming president. He found his way into the Rotarian family as a volunteer at the KidsCamp, which to this day is his favourite social project. Lennart joined Interact in his hometown of Göttingen in 2016 and has been with the Rotaract Club Heidelberg International since he moved to Heidelberg in late 2018.

Luz was born in Venezuela. She has been a part of Rotaract since 2009 and has been member and guest in Rotaract Clubs in Spain, France and Germany. She loves travelling and learning from different cultures. What Luz enjoys most about Rotaract is building a network of friends and the being able to help people in need through social projects.

Markus is a founding member of Rotaract Heidelberg-International. Starting out as treasurer and serving two terms as president of our club, he has been quite involved from the beginning. Markus had no prior connections to the Rotaract/Rotary world but was intrigued by the formalities of the founding-procedures. In his free time, he studied law and has worked in management and logistics. Markus originates from Berlin and has studied in Konstanz and Heidelberg. Aside from the rare Shisha-Meetings, hands-on projects like painting the shutters or building bee-hotels are among his favourite Rotaract-Memories. Markus will assume the role of sergeant at arms in the incoming Rotarian year.

Nathan joined the club in July, 2019, after having been invited to deliver a talk about investment. For the club year 20/21, he has been elected as treasurer, PR and Media chair. He takes great interest in various aspects of culture and economy. While his academic focus lies on the languages and literatures of the Slavic peoples, he is also a classically trained pianist who occasionally gives concerts. That said, his main challenge is the development of his financial consultancy business.

Philipp is a medical doctor working on his PhD thesis as a scientist at the Institute of Experimental Cardiology in Heidelberg. While he was studying Medicine in Riga, Latvia, he and his Friends founded the Rotaract Club Riga International. Philipp was the chartering president and also president in the following year of the Rotaract Riga International Club. That gave him the chance to experience Rotaract’s power to helping local communities and its internationality by finding friends all over the world. When he moved to Heidelberg, contacting the Rotaract Heidelberg International was the first thing to do for him. Once in Heidelberg he made new friends right away and got involved in social projects which made it easier and faster to feel at home. Today Philipp is a proud member of the Rotaract Club Heidelberg International and the incoming secretary 20/21.