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Our Club

With 20 active members and 14 guests we started on 18 December 2016 with a very successful fundraising campaign, which raised € 1001.78 for the care of 50 pediatric oncology patients at the University Hospital Los Andes in Venezuela. Following the success of the first social project, Heidelberg-International held its official inaugural meeting on January 27, 2017, and was officially recognized.

After a successful charter ball and the organization of short- and long-term social projects last year, we finished our social project „Yes we can! – Make the shutters of Jugendagentur great again!“ in July.

At the moment we are planning to take part at the current federal social action (BuSo) „Bee alive.“ what deals with the protection and preservation of the bees.
Like all clubs, we also want to participate in this project and we are already gathering as much knowledge as possible.
This gives us great pleasure to get involved and involve more young people from different backgrounds.

Do you want to find out more about our club in general or about the Board of Directors?
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