About us


Those are the 3 pillars that form the basis of the worldwide spirit of Rotaract, a non-political and non-religious youth club that provides a platform for young adults to meet and learn from each other and to help their communities, countries and the world.

In 1968, the first Rotaract Club was founded in the USA by the service organization “Rotary International” and within the last 52 years, Rotaract has become the world’s biggest youth organization with over 250.792 members in 10.904 clubs and in 180 countries.

The name derives from “ROTARy in ACTion” and mirrors Rotaracts’ “hands-on” approach to social projects.

Our club was founded in 2017 as the first and only English-speaking Rotaract Club in Heidelberg. Choosing English as our working language gives international guests the opportunity to join our weekly meetings, to take part in our social projects, and to become a member without any language barriers.

Also, our German-speaking members and guests have the chance to practice their English skills and to meet people from all around the world – making the big world a bit smaller.

We meet every Thursday, usually at the “Jugendagentur Heidelberg” (Römerstraße 23) at 08:00 p.m. but we encourage you to check our calendar or Facebook page to get the latest information on our meetings.

The meetings’ topics cover each aspect of our motto LEARN | HELP | CELEBRATE. We LEARN from presentations, HELP at social projects or CELEBRATE our friendship at casual meetings, such as in a bar or restaurant.

If you are interested in one of our many social projects, please, check out Social Projects.

We are always looking for new open-minded friends who are willing to help their communities, make friends, and expand their horizons. So, feel free to join one of our regular meetings!

We look forward to meeting you!

Your Rotaract Club Heidelberg International